11 Nutrition Tips For Travelers

Your Health & Your Wealth

This is a guest post by John Praino, Co-Owner of Training for Warriors Mahopac

Do you travel a lot?

If so, you can still stick to a healthy diet with a little advance planning. If you’re watching your weight, these are some simple techniques for cutting calories while on the go.

Advance Planning

1. Eat well before leaving.

It’s always easier to resist fattening foods if you feel full. Enjoy a hearty meal before you set out. If you have an early flight, get up in time to enjoy a home cooked breakfast high in protein. This will help you avoid eating processed airport food.

2. Call your hotel.

Phone the concierge or the front desk at the hotel where you’ll be staying. Ask for their recommendations for nearby organic farm to table or healthy restaurants. Research the location of the nearest grocery store. You can save money and calories by picking up fresh vegetables nuts and fruits to snack on.

3. Do some investigative work.

Go online to find your best options at the airports and destinations you have planned. Airport websites usually list their restaurants. Search local business directories by zip code to find ethnic or vegetarian restaurants, health food stores, and farmers markets.

4. Bring along bottled water.

Bottled water is a traveler’s best friend. Staying hydrated helps keep you from feeling hungry. Plus it’s super expensive at the airport so bring your own!

5. Pack your own meals and snacks.

Preparing your own meals and snacks will give you more control over your diet. Put together a trail mix of nuts, hard boiled eggs, vegetables or fruits. Fill zip lock bags with cut vegetables or peanut butter & celery.

6. Keep your car stocked with healthy snacks.

Many people spend long hours in their cars. Always have water and healthy snacks handy. Stopping at a food mart or quick stop leads to eating processed food full of hydrogenated oils, trans-fats and sugar. Stick to healthy snacks from home, it’ll also save you money!

Eating Away From Home

1. Control your portion sizes.

You can enjoy dining out and still eat like a thin person. Make a meal out of a couple of appetizers instead of a full size entree. Cut your entree in half and take the leftovers back to your hotel for breakfast.

2. Eat slowly.

Slowing down is a simple and effective way to consume fewer calories. You’ll recognize when you’re full instead of overeating. Put your fork down in between bites.

3. Learn to read menus and ask your waiter questions.

They are there to serve you. Ask them what kind of oils they use to cook their food. If it’s vegetable or canola ask them to cook your food in butter. Yes butter. Butter is much healthier than the rancid hydrogenated oils many restaurants use. Skip the bread before dinner, trade in the rice or pasta for extra veggies and steer clear of fried food!

4. Avoid high calorie drinks.

Soft drinks, shakes, and many cocktails can add on a lot of calories. Drink water with your meals. At the bar, order a small glass of wine or a vodka drink with soda and lime instead of the jack and coke or bourbon and ginger.

5. Ask for slimmed-down dishes.

Many restaurants offer lighter dishes for the health conscious. You can also ask for sauces and dressings on the side or substitute another vegetable for the potatoes.

It can be challenging to eat right when you’re away from home. Planning ahead will help you avoid being tempted by fast food. A nutritious diet will give you the energy you need to enjoy your travels and return home without any excess baggage.

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