What is Financial Planning and How Can it Help You? [VIDEO]

You may have heard the phrase “Financial Planning” before but what exactly does it mean?

Process NOT Product

Simply put, Financial Planning is about building and maintaining wealth through an on-going process, it’s not just about investing or purchasing financial products.

Goals and Values

It’s about understanding all the goals you have for your money. And, it’s about understanding what matters most to you in life and figuring out how your wealth relates to your values.

Your Entire Financial Life

The Financial Planning process looks at the entirety of your financial life to figure out how everything can work together optimally specifically for you and your situation. You’ll look at things like your:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Investments
  • Income
  • Taxes
  • Insurance


The problem is, people typically people deal with these things in individual silos, not really understanding how they affect one another. The financial process brings everything together in a clear, concise, actionable plan so you can take the steps necessary to can achieve your financial goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the things a Financial Planner can help you with:

  • Saving For Retirement
  • Handling an Inheritance
  • Preparing for Marriage
  • Dealing With Divorce
  • Planning for a Child
  • Facing a Financial Crisis
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Coping With A Death
  • Funding Education

On-Going Process

Keep in mind that Financial planning is an ongoing process. Your planner should help you make smart decisions about your money at every stage of your life so you can ultimately live a better financial life.

If you want to get going on your own, and learn more about implementing the financial planning process into your life right now, download a copy of my free report “8 Steps to Organize & Optimize Your Financial Life”: http://bit.ly/OrganizeAndOptimize.

It’s a great way to start your journey toward living a better financial life.

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